About Style 4 Hair

About us

Style 4 Hair has been around for more than ten years and takes care to develop with the most innovative technologies in the field of hair straightening. The company markets all types of hair straightening that exist in the global market and markets them to hairdressers and private customers alike. The sale is made from the importer to the consumer without brokerage gaps. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the product that suits you best and at the cheapest price on the market

At the top of our priorities we place customer service. Therefore, we make service available in telephone sales and offer telephone support in the process of making the right hair straightening for you, for the best results. Today you can do yourself hair straightening independently at home, at the most affordable cost.

As part of our service, we have characterized for you on this site the leading straightening today and we have provided a detailed explanation of each straightening, and its suitability for hair types (Damaged hair, virgin hair, etc.). When you contact us for advice, we will adjust the right type of straightening for  your hair condition and character. Contact us today and you will get our quality and professional service.

At Style 4 Hair, we make every effort to give you the best service and the best price!

We uncompromisingly import the leading and best products on the market.

Style4hair company is always at your service.

How we started

My name is Noam Debbie and I am the CEO and founder of the largest home hair straightening sites.

It started 25 years ago when I was a 15-year-old boy. I was always attracted to the beauty and hair care and as a result I went to study the hair styling profession at the WIZO school in Haifa, Israel.

I opened a hairdresser after military service and managed to acquire a lot of customers in a very short period. A few years later I started a new business marketing professional hair products and mainly marketing home hair straightening products of all kinds.

It is important to note that the sites I have established are rich in only professional knowledge from years of experience and research.

Today the sites have been operating for about 4 years and we have acquired over 10,000 repeat customers and endless recommendations.

The motto of our company

We believe that in providing professional service, quality products and generosity you win a satisfied customer and it is for us tremendous satisfaction, what is more that at the end of the day a customer brings a customer and it is the best publicity of a thriving company.

Important to know: Our site is an image site only, not an online sales site and it is because it is recommended to ask and consult before any hair straightening. There are many types of home hair straightening, and I would like you to choose the straightening that best suits your hair personally.

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