Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening is known as a very effective hair straightening, yet there are a lot of disagreements about it. This is a hair straightening treatment which until a few years ago was the most sought-after straightening method due to its good results. In this method, a compound containing keratin is inserted into the hair and then a hair straightener is used that causes the hairs to straighten perfectly.

In recent years, however, there has been a growing awareness of the safety of the materials used to perform hair straightening, with one of the substances found to be dangerous to use being formaldehyde / formalin.

Brazilian straightening is suitable for almost all hair types: thin, dry, cracked, light or lightened hair and has dyed hair. The compound of the ingredients used for Brazilian straightening contains keratin and therefore Brazilian straightening is also used as a treatment to restore the appearance of the hair and restore shine and moisture.

Brazilian hair straightening

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most significant advantage of Brazilian hair straightening is the fact that this method is suitable for almost all hair types. This type of hair straightening can make a change from end to end in the appearance of your hair if you suffer from damaged hair that has lost its shiny and has become dry and cracked.

The downside is that the Ministry of Health has banned the use of formalin for hair straightening and improper use of the substance can cause irreversible damage. Also, this straightening method requires skill and experience on the part of the hair stylist, otherwise you may find yourself with irreversible damage of the hair.  

Instructions for maintaining

 Brazilian hair straightening

There are not many instructions for maintaining hair after Brazilian straightening, other than one main instruction and that is to use a salt-free shampoo.

Similarly, hair products such as masks or conditioners that contain salts should be avoided. In addition, do not wash your hair for 4 days after treatment.

Important tips

for maintaining healthy hair

during and after hair straightening

  • It is important to carefully read the instructions for use of the straightening kit, in order to be accurate with the time that the straightening and neutralizing substances are on the hair.
  • Staying too short is not effective for the straightening process while staying too long of the material can damage the hair.
  • During the straightening steps it is recommended to perform a hair elastic test using a small group of hairs that stretch them gently, the hairs should be flexible enough to stretch about two c"m. At this point the material should be washed from the hair.
  • In the straightening process, it is advisable to use straightening products that provide protection to the hair.
  • It is important that the preparations are rinsed from the hair thoroughly, until the substance is completely removed. Rinse with water only unless instructed to use the shampoo.
  • Treat the hair gently, even in the overlapping and drying operations with a towel.
  • Dry with a hair dryer in the direction of the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) so as not to damage the hair. Hair injuries include split ends stretching and weakening the hair.


Treatment after

straightening hair:

  • Wait about two days before wetting or overlapping the hair.
  • During these days do not tie your hair or hold with clips.
  • After two days (or three, depending on the type of treatment and hair type) the hair should be washed with a nourishing shampoo.
  • After rinsing the hair, it is recommended to dry with a hair dryer.
  • It is recommended to use hair care and nourishment products to keep it healthy and beautiful over time.
  • It is recommended to use straightening products that are adapted to the straightening formula for hair.
  • As the hair continues to grow in its natural structure the treatment should be repeated after a few months - re-straightening for curly hair should be done after about four months, when the natural look of the hair that has grown can be seen, while straightening wavy hair can be done after half a year to a year.
  • The re-treatment is performed on the roots and not on the part of the hair that has undergone a smoothing treatment.


Important to know about

 Brazilian hair straightening!

Do not use Brazilian straightening on hair that has undergone striped treatments, shades, coloring with hydrogen peroxide above 6%, Sabra or Cleopatra straightening treatments. Japanese straightening can be performed on dyed hair (at intervals of about two weeks) and on hair that has been treated with keratin or Brazilian straightening treatment, after waiting about three months (until the substance is washed from the hair) before straightening.



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